At Milnbank Property Services Ltd we are committed to providing a comprehensive repairs and maintenance service.  The delivery of the service is designed to:

  • Respond to the specific needs of residents.
  • Protect and sustain an ageing housing stock.
  • Deliver value for money services which provide customer satisfaction

The Association will carry out all common repairs of which it has been notified either by residents or through estate management inspections.  Repairs are carried out under three categories of repair classified as:

Cyclical Maintenance - Cyclical maintenance is carried out periodically in order to prevent the fabric of the property deteriorating.  It includes gutter cleaning, roof inspections, close painting.

Reactive Repairs - These are repairs that are called into the office by residents and are immediately identified by priority; emergency 4 hours, same day 24 hours or routine repairs 5 working days.

Non Common Repairs - These are requests from owners to carry out repairs to their property.  Any owner wishing a private repair to be carried out will be required to sign a Mandate.  The Company will not carry out a private repair for an owner who has an outstanding debt owing to the Company. Requests for Improvement Works will be carried out at the Property Manager's discretion.