Aims & Objectives


The aim of Milnbank Property Services Ltd is to provide a comprehensive, good quality property management service which offers value for money for owners.

Milnbank Property Services is fully responsible for implementing and administering a comprehensive factoring service on behalf of owner occupiers.


To achieve this objective, Milnbank Property Services Ltd shall:

  • Implement and work to the contents of the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the company.
  • Input to the wider Milnbank Housing Association strategic objective - "To provide, in a cost effective manner, comprehensive property management services that fully cater for the needs of tenants, owner-occupiers and other customers."
  • To ensure that the company remains financially independent and viable at all times.
  • The Company shall work in partnership with relevant bodies to seek advice to enable the Board Members to make informed decisions.
  • Where appropriate and relevant, consultation with owners will be carried out prior to introducing new ventures.
  • Regular Risk Assessments will be conducted using Milnbank Housing Association's Risk Management Strategy.