Welcome to Milnbank Property Services

Milnbank Property Services Ltd was formed in January 2008 to provide factoring services to owners.  It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Milnbank Housing Association and is registered as a Private Limited Company.  
Our Property Factor Registration Number is PF000368.
Our VAT registration number is 927 4845 89.    

The monitoring of Milnbank Property Services Ltd operational activities is carried out by a Board of voluntary Members via monthly meetings and subsequently by reporting to Milnbank HA Management Committee.  Members use these meetings to evaluate and make decisions regarding the future direction of the Company.  These meetings are also used to highlight problems, suggest solution and raise awareness of all the activities in relation to factoring.  

It is the Company's responsibility to arrange and oversee the general upkeep of the building and to ensure that it is maintained to a high standard and that all necessary repairs, including cyclical works, are carried out.

The Company's powers as factors are stipulated in any Management Agreement entered into with an individual owner or as per Deed of Conditions.  The Company will ensure that the costs of providing a factoring service are fully recouped.

Milnbank Property Services is fully responsible for implementing and administering a comprehensive factoring service on behalf of owner occupiers.

Click the following link to go to our Publications - Minutes to see the Milnbank Property Services Committee Meeting Minutes.

If you are interested in appointing Milnbank Property Services Ltd as a factor, please contact Joanne MacMillan on 0141 551 8131 or email j.macmillan@milnbank.org.uk for information and services we provide.  Click here for details of our Schedule of Works.

Written Statement of Service

The Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011, which came into force on 1st October 2012, now requires all Property Managers to register with the Scottish Government and to comply with the legislation stated within the Act.

As Milnbank Property Services Ltd is registered as a Property Manager we are required to provide a Written Statement of Service for all properties that we factor.

We sent Written Statement of Service to all owners of properties that we factor. For new owners, a Written Statement of Service will be issued within four weeks of receiving keys to your property.

If you would like a copy of your Written Statement of Service then please contact the Association on 0141 551 8131.

If you would like to know more about the Act and the Code of Conduct that we are bound by please visit the Scottish Government website at www.legislation.gov.uk or phone them on 08457 741 741.