Are you looking for a factor?

10 February 2016

Milnbank Property Services Ltd is a cost effective, approachable and innovative company who are committed to helping you and your neighbours manage and improve your property.

We have a property management team who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise who offer excellent customer care and value for money under our fixed factoring service to properties within our area of operation.

Our aim is to develop a comprehensive, transparent and innovative planned maintenance programme to ensure common areas are kept well maintained, affordable and costs for delivering this service are spread evenly.

If you are looking for a property manager, we can help.

Please send a letter including all owner’s signatures, contact details and flat positions to Laura Westwater, Property Management Assistant. If you are a landlord a forwarding address will be required.

Should you require further information please contact a member of our property management team who will be happy to discuss anything with you.

Download details of our schedule of works.