A New Haghill

25 June 2015

A new sustainable landscape for Haghill?

There is currently a large plot of land beside Appin Road, empty except for some weeds and lots of rubbish. Milnbank Housing Association (working with the local community), are keen to turn it into a beautiful and usable park space. A space that can be enjoyed by everyone who wants to.

A planning application has been made to begin the transformation of the land into something similar to the concept above. In short the ground will be transformed from a lifeless, weedy bank that is pretty unusable; to a park space that can be used for the community to grow together and enjoy spending time.

So what exactly is happening? Initially green ‘waste’ will be deposited in the site in the form of Hugel Trenches. This organic material will enrich the soil, allowing more and more planting to be introduced over time. There was a very positive and well attended public meeting held on 7th Feb 2015, but we realise that you may have questions about what is going to happen, we have answered a few of them over the page, but if you would like to know more please contact Lorraine McKenna or Cindy Mathie on 0141 551 8131.  

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