Tenants Satisfaction Survey

Repairs & Maintenance

Milnbank Housing Association's main commitment is to provide a comprehensive, efficient and cost effective repairs & maintenance service to our residents.  In order to achieve and maintain excellent customer service Milnbank Housing Association carries out an annual survey on the repairs and maintenance service delivered by the Association.  Resident's feedback is essential to us in order to monitor and assess our performance and improve the effectiveness of our service by resolving problems at the earliest opportunity. 

Below are the results for Repairs & Maintenance Annual Survey for the year April 2015 - March 2016.  The overall satisfaction rate with Repairs & Maintenance service is 92.4% for those Residents who answered YES to the question:

"Thinking about the last time you had repairs or maintenance carried out, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the repairs and maintenance service provided by Milnbank Housing Association?"

  • Very Satisfied - 78%
  • Fairly Satisfied - 14%
  • Neither Satisfied/Dissatisfied - 4%
  • Fairly Dissatisfied - 1%
  • Very Dissatisfied - 1%

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