Alterations & Improvements

Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement you have the right to carry out alterations and improvements to your property.      
Applications to carry out improvements must be made in writing to the Association. In considering applications for improvements the Association shall not unreasonably withhold consent.  Tenants will be required to provide full details of the proposed work including scale drawings and a specification of the work planned.

The Association will endeavour to process any applications within 28 days of receipt. However where further information is required this may delay the decision beyond 28 days.

If you have carried out an alteration or improvement to your home you may be entitled to compensation. Compensation payments will only be made at the end of the tenancy providing the tenant obtained written confirmation for the alteration/improvement and it has been carried out to the Associations satisfaction.

For further information on Alterations and Improvement please contact the office or download a copy of the  Alterations and Improvement Policy.