Gas Safety Regulations

Gas safety regulations state that landlords must carry out annual inspections and have a clear statutory obligation to ensure that a current gas safety certificate is available for every relevant property and that this is renewed before or on the relevant anniversary date.  
The Association has a gas servicing programme in place for all its properties.  The programme ensures that all gas boilers and fires are checked once a year by our contractor Frews.
It is imperative that all tenants allow access to the contractor when it is requested.  Failing to provide reasonable access to have essential works carried out by the Contractor you are in breach of your Tenancy Agreement and unless access is received could lead to action to force access.  Should this action be deemed necessary, you will be held liable to pay for all costs involved and your tenancy may be at risk.

Any faults in relation to you heating system should be reported to the Associations offices - Reporting a Repair

For further information on Gas Servicing please contact the office.