It is important that the Association has a system in place for all repair work that has to be re-charged out.  Work that comes within this category is any repair necessitated by the neglect or vandalism of a tenant or anyone whose behaviour they have a responsibility for.

Examples of some of these repairs are:

  • Not providing access for an arranged repair
  • Lost Keys & forced entry
  • Damage caused to the property by the tenant, any member of the household or visitor.
  • Vandalism e.g. broken window, must be reported to the Police. If not you may be liable for the costs.

Work that also falls within this category includes private repairs. The Association in-house inspection and advisory service are available to tenants free of charge and anyone wishing a private repair will be required to sign a Mandate. The Association will not carry out a private repair for anyone who has an outstanding debt to the Association. Requests for this type of work will be carried out at the Associations discretion.

Rechargeable repairs should be paid within 28 days of receiving the bill and in certain circumstances an arrangement can be made to pay the bill off in instalments.

The Association will always pursue tenants who fail pay their accounts, and may take legal action to recover any outstanding debts.