Right to Repair

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 gives all Scottish Secure Tenants the right to have certain repairs carried out within a timescale under the Right to Repair Scheme.
The right to repair regulations prescribe qualifying repairs for which the Association could be penalised for not attending to within laid down timescales and details the amount of compensation afforded a tenant. It further allows for the tenant to engage a contractor, from the Association's approved contractors list, to complete the repair and charged to the Association.

Undernoted in the link is the list of all 'qualifying repairs' and the expected timescales.

If a total loss of power is in relation to gas, electric and water is suffered the Association has no control over the timescales as it is the responsibility of the utility companies (Scottish Power, Scottish Gas, Scottish Water) to reinstate these services.

Click here for copy of Association's Right to Repair Policy A list of all Qualifying Repairs can be found in this link