Repair Response Times

The Association has set response targets for repairs and are split into four different categories depending on the seriousness of each repair. The main categories are explained below:
Emergency:  Repairs that pose a risk/serious harm to the structure, occupation or the security of a property.  The Association aims to respond to all emergency repairs within 4 hours.  
Urgent:  Repairs which may cause an inconvenience to the tenant or interfere with normal occupation of the property and if left unattended could result in an emergency.  The Association aims to carry out all urgent repairs within 2 days.

Routine:  Repairs carried out to remedy a defect which can be deferred without causing discomfort, inconvenience or nuisance to the tenant or a third party or the long term deterioration of the building.  The Association aims to carry out all routine repairs within 5 working days.

Planned:  Repairs which are complex and require several visits by different trades to complete.  The Association aims to respond to all planned repairs within 15 working days.

For routine and some urgent repairs we operate an appointment based system.  If you are unable to keep the appointment please let us know as soon as possible as you may be liable for the costs of the trade attending.

Residents should note that some repairs might turn out to be more complicated than first thought.  Temporary repairs will be carried out to make any repair safe and the tenant will be kept informed about any delays in completing repairs.