Community Engagement

In April 2016 following a review, our sheltered housing warden was redeployed within the Association and our Community Engagement (CE) Team was re-located to the sheltered common room in Culloden Street.

The aim of this is for the CE Team to identify vulnerable residents as part of a prevention and early intervention strategy.  These include strategies that see people continuing to live in their existing home, where practicable, rather than having to move as their needs change and there has been recent legislation that aims to link health and social care provision.

We are attempting to ensure that residents who are deemed vulnerable are able to receive appropriate services and/or support. We use local knowledge and feedback from staff about residents considered to be in need of help. This leads to a visit by our CE team and, where appropriate, other agencies are contacted (e.g. local Health, Homelessness and Housing) to get services for some vulnerable residents we identify.

The CE Team consists of 4 employees, 3 Community Engagement Workers and an Income Maximisation Officer (IMO), who are based within the community hall in Culloden Street.

The Association currently employ an Income Maximisation Officer. The aim of this service is to assess and maximise resident’s income to ensure that they are receiving all relevant benefits, allowances, pensions etc. This service primarily focuses on MHA tenants, especially those who are experiencing financial difficulties, however, it is open to all MHA residents and, as a matter of course, an appointment or house visit is carried out for everyone who is on the vulnerable register.