Corporate Services

Corporate Services incorporates admin, finance, HR and IT. Although not a direct service provider to residents, this function provides assistance to all other staff to ensure that our service delivery can be achieved.

Admin - our admin staff are based at the Association's reception area and are charged with providing all our customers - tenants, owners and visitors to the office - with a high level of customer care.

Finance - is responsible for ensuring that the Association maximises its income and carefully monitors all expenditure and this is done via budgets, annual accounts and quarterly financial reports presented to the management committee.

HR - Human resources is the management of the Association's employees. The Management Committee monitors staff performance, training and development and all general aspects of employment on a regular basis.

IT - with the growth in IT, the Association endeavours to communicate with residents via email, mobiles and text. Please see  'Quick Links' on our website to assist with electronically contacting us.