Carbon Footprint Survey


Milnbank would like to conduct a carbon footprint survey. This survey will reveal what actions are needed for people in our community to reduce their impact on the environment.  A carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon released into the environment and the size of the footprint reflects lifestyle choices and patterns of consumption. A footprint can be calculated for an individual, community, or business. By measuring the community's carbon footprint we can find ways to reduce it.

To do that we need to collect some information from a sample of people living in the area.

If you would like to take part please complete this easy questionnaire and return it by attaching to an email addressed to with subject: Carbon Footprint Survey.

When the surveys are completed we should be able to provide

  • an estimate of the  community's carbon emissions
  • a summary of your community carbon footprint and actions to improve it for everyone locally

Why do this?

If you decided to lose weight, you'd get on the scales first. In the same way, if you want to reduce the CO2 emissions caused in the community, you need first to measure the amount you are generating and where those emissions are coming from. That way effort can be focused on reducing our carbon emissions. There are close links to energy consumption and the amount we spend as consumers so it's worthwhile to think about this issue and how it affects you.

We would like to collect a sample of completed questionnaires from across the wider area over the next couple of months and we will report on the results after that.