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Tenancy Information

Tenancy Information

The tenancy agreement also gives you rights such as;

  • Having your home repaired and maintained to keep it safe, wind and water tight
  • Succession rights
  • To be consulted on any changes that affect your tenancy
  • Not being evicted from your home without the Association getting a legal decree from the court.

Changes to your Household

It is important for all tenants to notify the Association of any changes, large or small, to your household composition as soon as possible eg. new baby, getting married or someone moving out of the property.  If we do not have the correct information with regards to your household it could affect the legal rights of those who reside with you.  Please notify the Housing Management Department of any changes to your household.

Ending your Tenancy

You must give the Association 28 days written notice that you intend to give up your tenancy, unless you have come to another arrangement.

Please contact a member of Housing Management who will arrange for a Termination of Tenancy Notice to be sent out to you.  Once you have completed this notice you should return it to the Association and an arrangement will be made to inspect your property before the keys are handed into the office.

When leaving your home we would ask you to leave it in the same condition you would expect to have if you were moving in. 

If you have pre-payment gas and electricity meters we would also ask, where possible, that you leave some credit in it  or leave paymnt cards/keys in the meters as it can cause problems for the Association and the incoming tenant if the meter is in debt.  We would also ask that you provide us with meter readings and advising us of the Supplier of your gas and electricity.

See below for a list of things you should do before you leave the property;

  • Pay any outstanding rent and/or recharges
  • Redirect your mail
  • Provide your gas and electricity suppliers with final meter readings
  • Advise key people of your forwarding address e.g. Doctor, Bank etc
  • Contact the benefits agency and advise of your change of address
  • Hand all the keys for the property into the office before noon on the day you are leaving

Once the keys have been received at the office an inspection will be carried out and any identified re-chargeable repairs shall be noted and you shall be notified in writing advising of what works will be recharged to you.




We are committed to providing a comprehensive repairs and maintenance service including 24 hour emergency cover.



Details of how your factoring is calculated, comparisons with other organisations and ways to pay.

Housing Services

Housing Services

Information on aspects of being an existing or prospective tenant of Milnbank Housing Association.



Milnbank Community Enterprises was established to focus on the Association's wider role of housing activity.

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