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Get Involved?

Get Involved?

10 Reasons why you should become a member of Milnbank Housing Association.

More involved in the activities of the running of your Association.

Efficiency and effectiveness matters a great dealt to us, we value your feedback.

More new members are always most welcome.

Because we appreciated your support in all of our activities.

Equal representation from all our residents is always encouraged.

Remember, it’s your Association. Your opinions are always listened to.

Say! Say! Say! Have yours at the Annual General Meeting.

Help us to help you by pledging your support to the Association.

If you become a member you could stand for election and join the Management Committee.

Participation from all residents is our aim.

Anyone over the age of 18 (16 for tenants) is eligible to join Milnbank Housing Association. As long as you have the interests of the Association at heart and want to help make Milnbank a better place to stay, then we want to hear from you.

It costs £1.00 to buy a share and become a member; the share is not returnable if you leave the Association.

Membership gives you a real voice in how the Association is run. It means you can vote for the Management Committee of your choice.

Only Association members can be elected onto the Management Committee.

To apply for membership of Milnbank Housing Association print and complete the membership application form and hand it into the Association's Offices.

If you are unable to print this page out please obtain a form from the Association's Offices



We are committed to providing a comprehensive repairs and maintenance service including 24 hour emergency cover.



Details of how your factoring is calculated, comparisons with other organisations and ways to pay.

Housing Services

Housing Services

Information on aspects of being an existing or prospective tenant of Milnbank Housing Association.



Milnbank Community Enterprises was established to focus on the Association's wider role of housing activity.

Milnbank Housing Association
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